12 April 2021
Chair: Prof. Jing Liu
Effect and Optimization of the Use of Biochar Addition of Food Waste/Sludge Anaerobic Co-Digestion
Q&A Presenter:
dr. davidraj johnravindar
Department of Biology, Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong
Effects of Different Conductive Materials on the Anaerobic Co-digestion of Sewage Sludge and Food Waste and Their Dewatering
Q&A Presenter:
dr. jialin liang
IBA, Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong
Effect of Biochar Added on Anaerobic Digestion of Methane from Municipal Sludge and Kitchen Waste
Q&A Presenter:
miss mengyao wang
College of Materials Science and Engineering, Nanjing Tech University, China
Anaerobic Co-digestion of Coffee Pulp and Cattle Manure for Enhanced Biomethane Production
Q&A Presenter:
miss renisha karki
College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources, University of Hawaii at Manoa, United States of America (the)
12 April 2021
Chair: Prof. Agamuthu Pariatamby
Extraction of Pectin from Citrus Limetta Peel: An Approach Towards Waste Management
Q&A Presenter:
ms. poonam sharma
Department of Bioengineering, Integral University, India
Influence on Iron Nanoparticles on Bacillus Subtilis Growth and Production of Value Added Products in Electrofermentation System
Q&A Presenter:
ms. triya mukherjee
CSIR-IICT, Hyderabad, India
Groundnut Oil Cake: Useful Nutrient for Pullulan Production by Micrococcus Luteus
Q&A Presenter:
dr. bishwambhar mishra
Department of Biotechnology, Chaitanya Bharathi Institute of Technology , India
Untangling the Genome of Rare Uncultured Bacterial Species from Plant Biomass Hydrolysing Microbiome
Q&A Presenter:
ms. varsha bohra
Deoiled Cake as an Alternate Substrate for Green Energy Production
Q&A Presenter:
ms. mahenk patel
Biotechnology Department, Sankalchand Patel University, India
12 April 2021
Chair: Dr. Guneet Kaur
Exploration on the Best Preparation Scheme of Activated Carbon from Solid Waste in Sugar Refinery
Q&A Presenter:
mrs. li zhen
School of Chemical Engineering and Technology, Tianjin University, China
Selective Photocatalytic Oxidation of 5-Hydroxymethyl-2-Furfural to 5-Formylfurancarboxylic Acid using Vanadium Doped Carbon Nitride
Q&A Presenter:
dr. reeti kumar
Department of Biology, Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong
Selective Oxidation of 5-Hydroxymethylfurfural over A Molybdenum Carbide Quantum Dot Catalyst
Q&A Presenter:
dr. zhi zhu
Institute of Bioresource and agriculture, Hong Kong Baptist University, China
Catalytic Fast Pyrolysis of Rice Husk for the High Quality Liquid Fuels Production
Q&A Presenter:
dr. wenfei cai
Department of Biology, Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong
Regulatory Influence of Conductive Materials on Interspecies Electron Transfer and Carbon Flux during Electromethanogenesis
Q&A Presenter:
mr. j shanthi sravan
CSIR-Indian Institute of Chemical Technology (CSIR-IICT), India
13 April 2021
Chair: Dr. Manu M.K.
Potentials for Mitigating GHE through Food Waste Prevention: Case Study Macau
Q&A Presenter:
prof. franz gassner
Faculty of Religious Studies and Philosophy, University of Saint Joseph, China
Estimation of Greenhouse Gas- N2O Emission Variation by Denitrification Bacteria During Oxygen Depletion in Bohai Sea of China
Q&A Presenter:
miss xiaoxiao guo
School of Life Sciences, Tianjin Normal University, China
Bioconversion of Municipal Solid Waste to Compost
Q&A Presenter:
ms. shaili vyas
Gujarat Pollution Control Board, Gandhinagar , India
Conversion Food Waste and Sawdust into Biofertilizer Employing Black Soldier Fly Larvae (Diptera: Stratiomyidae) under the Optimized Condition
Q&A Presenter:
dr. tao liu
College of Natural Resources and Environment, Northwest A&F University, Yangling, Shaanxi Province 712100, PR China, China
Elucidating the Optimum Added Dosage of Diatomite during Co-composting of Pig Manure and Sawdust: Carbon Dynamics and Microbial Community
Q&A Presenter:
dr. xiuna ren
College of Natural Resources and Environment, Northwest A&F university, China
13 April 2021
Chair: Dr. Suchithra T. Gopakuar
Integrated Biohythane Production from Food Waste – Influence of Increasing Organic Loads
Q&A Presenter:
mr. santhosh jatangi
CSIR-Indian Institute of Chemical Technology, India
Comparative Study on the Biomethane Potential of Terrestrial and Aquatic Weeds
Q&A Presenter:
mr. arun sathyan
Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati, India
Valorizing Secondary Sludge of Dairy Industry for Biohythane Production
Q&A Presenter:
ms. ankita adesra
Science and Commerce College, Sankalchand Patel University, India
Comparison of Different Adsorbents for Iodate Removal in Water Environment
Q&A Presenter:
mr. teoman alan
Sirindhorn international institute of technology (SIIT), Thammasat University, Thailand
Development of Sustainable Biodiesel Production from Madhuca Indica using Green Chemistry Principles and Techno-economic Analysis
Q&A Presenter:
dr. baskar gurunathan
St. Joseph's College of Engineering, India
13 April 2021
Chair: Dr. Bing Song
An Integrated Biotechnology For Gold Recycling From E Waste Using Thiourea With Bacillus And Lysinibacillus Sp. (Hybrid) Combination
Q&A Presenter:
prof. deepak pant
Department of Chemical Sciences, Central University of Haryana, India
Studies on Bioleaching and Recovery of Metals from Printed Circuit Boards using Acidophile and Alkaliphile Bacteria
Q&A Presenter:
dr. pradeepkumar sugumar
Dept. of Civil Engineering, Pondicherry Engineering College, India
Biosynthesis, Isolation and Quantification of Phycobiliproteins by Desertifilum Sp. SVMIICT2: Effect of Differential Light Intensities
Q&A Presenter:
mr. rajesh kona
CSIR-Indian Institute of Chemical Technology (CSIR-IICT), India
Duckweed Biorefinery with Dairy Wastewater Treatment
Q&A Presenter:
mrs. hemalatha manupati
CSIR-Indian Institute of Chemical Technology (CSIR-IICT), India
Biogas Scrubbing using pressure swing adsorption
Q&A Presenter:
prof. shamsundar subbarao
Department of mechanical Engineering, NIE, India
14 April 2021
Chair: Dr. Vasanthy Muthunarayanan
Characterization of Food Waste for Value Creation
Q&A Presenter:
ms. nidhi kundariya
Gujarat Pollution Control Board, India
Thermophilic Degradation of Vegetable Waste using Rotary Drum Composter and Efficacy of Rotary Drum Followed by Vermicomposting
Q&A Presenter:
mr. pottipati suryateja
Department of Civil Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati, India
Transformation of Intrusive Weed Ageratum Conyzoides into a Value Added Product through Rotary Drum Composting
Q&A Presenter:
mr. krishna chaitanya maturi
Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati, India
Quality Assessment of Compost Obtained from Municipal Solid Waste
Q&A Presenter:
ms. priya prajapati
Gujarat Pollution Control Board, Gandhinagar , India
Resource Efficient and Sustainable Production of Nanocrystalline Cellulose through Agri-waste Biomass Valorization
Q&A Presenter:
mr. ranaprathap katakojwala
CSIR - Indian Institute of Chemical Technology (CSIR-IICT), India
14 April 2021
Chair: Dr. Zhao Jun
The Use of Coconut Husk and Cattle Manure Biochars in Remediating Mine-Ontaminated Soil Grown with Upland Rice
Q&A Presenter:
mr. salvo salvacion
Southern Luzon State University, Philippines (the)
Nutrient Removal from Wastewaters using Biochar derived from Agricultural Waste and its Environmentally-safe Reuse
Q&A Presenter:
miss d.r. divya
Department of Civil Engineering, Malnad College of Engineering, India
Biochar as an Oxygen Activator and Bimetal Disperser for the Degradation of Multiple Organic Pollutants under Oxic Conditions using A Micro-Electrolysis Filler
Q&A Presenter:
mr. yinchao li
Bioenergy Research Institute, College of Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Engineering, Nanjing Tech University, China
Influence of Biochar Amendment on Antibiotic Resistance Gene Abundance and the Bacterial Community during Aerobic Composting of Pig Manure
Q&A Presenter:
miss huimin liu
College of Natural Resources and Environment, Northwest A&F University, China
Biochar Accelerated the Initiation of High-solid Anaerobic co-digestion System with Pig Manure and Dehydrated Sewage Sludge
Q&A Presenter:
miss yuting duan
School of Environment and Architecture, University of Shanghai for Science and Technology, China
14 April 2021
Chair: Prof. Gert Morscheck
Development of Nutrient Management Technologies for Sustainable Rice Farming for Mitigating Water and Atmospheric Pollution
Q&A Presenter:
dr. ashoka gamage
Faculty of Engineering, University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka
Intellectual Property Rights In E-Waste Management: Why And How?
Q&A Presenter:
mr. arjun kumar gupta
Chitkara University, IN
Nutrient Remediation by Monoraphidium Neglectum and Messastrum Gracile -A Comprehensive Study
Q&A Presenter:
mrs. sri divya kuravi
DST-Women Scientist at Bioengineering and Environmental Sciences lab, CSIR-IICT, India
An Assessment On Opportunities Of Sewage Fed Aquaculture Practices In Bangladesh: Challenges And Way Forward
Q&A Presenter:
dr. md moshiur rahman
Bangladesh Public Administration Training Centre (BPATC), BD
Lead Contamination on Petroleum Degrading Efficiency of Soil Bacteria Isolated from Zhuhai, Guangdong, China
Q&A Presenter:
mr. scott liu
BNU-HKBU-United International College, China