Two-three parallel sessions will be organized to accommodate large number of oral presentations. Keynote and plenary lectures will be given by experts and related authorities in the specialized research areas of bio-technology, bio-fertilizers and bio-products, and climate change abatements. Poster presentations will also be invited in the exhibition during the conference. Both oral and poster presentations will be based on 10 specialized themes, as follows:

  1. Organic Waste Sources and Recycling Trends in Asia-Pacific Region
  2. Biotechnology and molecular-engineering for organic resource management
  3. Bio-fuels and bio-products from organic resources
  4. Greenhouse gas emissions and mitigations in waste management sectors
  5. Integrated biotechnologies for novel products
  6. Emerging organic pollutants and fate during resource management
  7. Bio-nano technology and applications in waste recycling
  8. Bio-electro and bio-magnetic technology for energy or fuels
  9. Bio-instrumentations in waste management
  10. Industrial bio-engineering and process scale-up