12 April 2021 (Monday) 13 April 2021 (Tuesday) 14 April 2021 (Wednesday)
A7: Emerging pollutants and fate during resource management
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B7: Bioconversion for Biofuel
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C7: Bioconversion for Bioproducts
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Chair: Dr. Ammaiyappan Selvam Chair: Prof. Gina Villegas Pangga Chair: Prof. Michael Sauer
Confirmation of Landfill Gases Oxidation in Phytocapping Systems in India using Computational Biological Tools
mr. abhishek khapre
CSIR-National Environmental Engineering Research Institute, India
Effects of Biochar and Maize Stover Mulch on the Physical Properties of a Sandy Loam Soil and Maize Yield
dr. emmanuel dugan
Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR)‐Soil Research Institute (SRI), Ghana
Polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHA) Production using Bacterial Strains
dr. venkateswer reddy motakatla
Hydro-Quebec Inst. of Research, Westfälische Wilhelms Universität Münster, Germany
Strengthening Electron Transfer Through Supplementary Electric Field Could Reduce the Potential Environmental Risk of Heavy Metal and Antibiotic Resistance Genes in Aerobic Composting
miss xinyuan zhang
Center for Agricultural Resources Research, Institute of Genetic and Developmental Biology, Chinese Academy of Science, China
Study on the Migration Behaviour of Heavy Metals and Characteristics of Phosphorus-enriched Biochar Prepared by Microwave Pyrolysis of Municipal Sewage Sludge
miss feifei liu
Faculty of Power & Energy Engineering, Shenyang Aerospace University, China
Bioflocculant Production by Newly Isolated Bacteria from Activated Sludge using Fish Market Waste as a Nutrient Source
mr. kaarmukhilnilavan r s
Department of Environmental Science, Periyar University, India
Invited Talk
Bio-Waste Recycling and Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction
dr. obulisamy parthiba karthikeyan
Department of Engineering Technology, University of Houston, United States of America (the)
Assessing Biochars as Bio-products from Slow Pyrolysis of Different Organic Resources and Evaluate Properties as Soil Conditioners
dr. gina villegas pangga
Agricultural Systems Institute, University of the Philippines Los Banos, Philippines (the)
Cell Factories for Bulk Chemical Production from Industrial Side Streams
prof. michael sauer
Institute of Microbiology and Microbial Biotechnology of BOKU, University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Australia
1541-1553 Q&A Q&A Q&A
A8: Microplastics in the Environment
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B8: Bioconversion for Biofuel
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C8: Alternative Biowaste Utilization
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Chair: Dr. Sunita Varjani Chair: Dr. Shan He Chair: Prof. Konstadinos Abeliotis
Effect of Microplastics on the Greenhouse Gaseous and Ammonia Emissions During Organic Waste Composting
dr. quan wang
College of Natural Resources and Environment, Northwest A&F University, China
Multi-Stage Computer Aided-Molecular Design (CAMD) Approach in Bio-Oil Solvent Design to Upgrade Bio-Oil Quality
miss jia wen chong
Chemical Engineering, University of Nottingham , Malaysia
Improvement of Mechanical, Thermal, and Barrier Properties of Cassava Starch-based Cast Films using Natural Fibers
dr. ashoka gamage
Chemical and Process Engineering, University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka
Occurrence of Microplastics in Commercially Harvested Blood Cockles in Thailand
miss piyathida pupuang
Sirindhorn International Institute of Technology (SIIT), Thammasat University, Thailand
Refuse Derived Fuel as A Source of Energy Production: A Way Towards Sustainability
mr. swayansu sabyasachi mohanty
Gujarat Pollution Control Board, Gandhinagar, India
Application of coffee Hull Fiber in Thermoplastic composites
mr. yuyang hou
Nanjing tech University, China
Invited Talk
Biodegradable plastics - pros and cons
prof. gert morsheck
Department of Waste Management, University of Rostock, Germany
Effect of a Supersized Vortex Fluidic Device on the Mechanical Properties and Microstructure of a Biodegradable Film
prof. shan he
Department of Food Science, Guangzhou University, China
Environmental Assessment of the Transformation of Food Waste to Animal Feed via a Solar Drying Unit in Greece
prof. konstadinos abeliotis
School of Environment, Geography, and Applied Economics, Harokopio University, Greece
Invited Talk
Composting as a Sustainable Technology for Conversion of Municipal Solid Waste to Biofertilizers: Road Blocks and Perspectives
dr. sunita varjani
Gujarat Pollution Control Board, Gandhinagar, Gujarat, India
Effect of mild hydrothermal treatment on the physical properties of agricultural residues for making fuel pellets
miss yan yu
The University of British Columbia, CA
Material Utilization of Biomass and the Development of Straw/Plastic Rattan Composites (SPRC)
prof. jishuang chen
Institute of Biological Resources Engineering, Nanjing Tech University, China
1708-1720 Q&A Q&A Q&A
1730-1800(HKT) PA3: Poster Q&A Session
PB3: Poster Q&A Session
Biochar and Its Application
PC3: Poster Q&A Session
Emerging pollutants and fate during resource management
Chair: Dr. Vasanthy Muthunarayanan Chair: Dr. Zhao Jun Chair: Dr. Obulisamy Parthiba Karthikeyan
1805-2000(HKT) Keynote Session III: Chair: Prof. Jonathan Wong
Applied Machine Learning to Predict CO2 Adsorption on Biomass Waste-derived Porous Carbons
prof. yong sik ok
APRU Sustainable Waste Management, Korea University, Seoul, Korea (the Republic of)
Process Integration for a Cost-efficient Production of Biobased Products
prof. solange i mussatto
Research Group "Biomass Conversion and Bioprocess Technology", Technical University of Denmark, Denmark, Denmark
Macro- meso- and Microplastics in Waste and Others
prof. pin-jing he
Institute of Waste Treatment & Reclamation, Tongji University, China
1935-2000 Closing and Award Presentation